The use of Omnadren in medicine

Omnadren is one of the most well-known drugs in medicine. As for me, he is too overrated in the sports field. I have often heard statements from athletes that this mixture is best suited for building up strength and mass, and, to put it mildly, they themselves did not shine with either.
The use of omnadren in medicine?

This drug is intended to treat

1. Male infertility

Enhances spermatogenesis, helps the formation of seminal vesicles. The duration of treatment is usually from 2 to 6 months. Influences the sexual desire and strengthening of secondary sexual characteristics in men, dosages and terms of application are individual.

2. Oligospermia

This disease is accompanied by a deterioration in sperm quality and a decrease in sperm count. The causes of the disease may be different, so you must first determine because of what, and then decide how to treat. But, unequivocally, the most common cause is a decrease in the level of the male sex hormone. When taking AAS in physiological doses, the quality of sperm and spermatozoa is significantly improved.

3. Bones brittleness

All AAS affect the retention of calcium in the body, and its absorption. When hormone levels fall, the bones begin to lose calcium, and the new one is poorly absorbed. Testosterone preparations enhance all metabolic processes, including calcium absorption.

4. Breast cancer in women

Omnadren treatment is prescribed to suppress the production of the female sex hormone, estrogen. Its abnormality affects the formation of breast cancer in women. There are other drugs to treat this disease. Depending on the degree of progression of the disease, they can prescribe not only Omnadren, but also estrone blockers and AI (aromatase inhibitors). The consequence of the use of testosterone drugs is the suppression of lactation.

5. Impotence

Well, everyone here already thinks that testosterone is the embodiment of male power. It affects the enhancement of sexual activity, attraction to the opposite sex and enhances the potency, stimulates the sexual organs.

6. Cellular dystrophy

Dystrophy can have a different genesis, from the general depletion of the body, as a result of poor metabolism, to any other factors: artificial starvation, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs. To restore exhausted body use AAS, it is also used for immunodeficiency (AIDS).

7. Male menopause

This condition appears due to age-related changes, due to the decrease in the male sex hormone. In this case, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is suitable. After forty years, it is recommended to use AAS on an ongoing basis, as the body can no longer produce testosterone in sufficient quantities with age. It affects men’s health and the general condition of the body, testosterone is involved in all metabolic processes. In general, it is not surprising that the body begins to fade with a lack of testosterone.

What is Omnadren?

This drug has in its composition 4 types of male exogenous testosterone. Such a compote is due to the fact that it should have been treated much more effectively than testosterone monoether, since it is armed with 2 long esters and 2 short ones. The first two have a half-life of 4-5 and 14 days, the others of 1-3 days. They, in theory, should be included in turn to ensure the best result, but, as practice shows, this is not so. Aromatization with such a combination, in some patients can take off very quickly. This is due to the fact that one hormone did not have time to finish its work, as another one is already activated.

Aromatization is not all, but still it is a frequent phenomenon in the application of AAS. Omnadren is not suitable for HRT (hormone replacement therapy), in fact it was not created for this. Let’s take a closer look at this drug and which esters are contained there:

  • Testosterone decanoate 100 mg – half-life of 14 days;
  • Testosterone isocapronate 60 mg – 5 days;
  • Testosterone phenylpropionate 60 mg – 5 days;
  • Testosterone propionate 30 mg – 2 days.

As we see the half-life is different. As planned, when one drug finishes its action, the other is included in the work. These substances have different effects on the body and, in order to avoid resistance to the drug (addiction), the scientists made a set of substances with different half-lives and being put to work. But still there is a minus. These are two substances, isoconate and phenyl propionate, they have approximately the same half-life. This means that the former does not have time to finish his work, while in parallel with him the other one begins to work. With the decanoate the same, since it has a cumulative effect. When he is already working, two more drugs are connected to him, which explains the high risk of flavoring the drug.

So it turns out that the level of aromatization goes beyond the limits of the norm, respectively, there is a GINO (gynecomastia). The effectiveness of the preparation itself also decreases, as a result of which it is necessary to resort to the use of IA (aromatase inhibitors) in order to stop aromatization and reduce the level of estrogen. Omnadren is suitable for a short treatment, of all the above listed diseases, but on a long-term basis, this bundle is not suitable at all. On HRT or long-term treatment, it is best to use testosterone monoethers or one type of testosterone from the list above. And never make your own diagnoses, if you have any suspicions, you should consult an endocrinologist, get tested and only then decide what to do next. It is necessary to solve the issue of taking drugs. If the treatment is long, it is best to first take a course of treatment with omnidren, and then go on a short or long air of testosterone, and actually cycle the use of drugs. Do not forget about flavoring, you should always have on hand Letrozole Anastrazole both are identical, so one of the two must always be in stock.

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