Features of the use of injection methane

On the site where I usually buy a farm, I was offered the so-called liquid methandrostenolone. With a discount, by itself. Naturally, I could not refuse such a tempting offer. There were two options. The first is the Chinese from Golden Dragon, and the second is the Indian from the now popular producer Rajay. A little thought – I decided to take the Indian steroid. I really liked trenbolone and sustanon from them.

Before you begin the description, I’ll repeat a bit what methandrostenolone is actually interesting (in traditional form, in tablets) and why I have long since excluded it from my diet.

Positive properties of methane

Insensitivity to globulin (a transport protein that binds steroid hormones). That is, the level of free testosterone, when using methandrostenolone, directly depends on the dose taken. The body is not able to bind this testosterone and make it inactive.

Powerful anti-catabolic effect.

Ultrafast recovery and accumulation of glycogen in the liver and muscles.

Leadership properties to increase the synthesis of creatine phosphate in the body.

The unique ability to increase the production of dopamine (appetite, sleep, libido).

Increased erythropoiesis. That is, an increase in the production of red blood cells in the body. And this means a greater supply of the body with oxygen and an improvement in the transport function of the blood.

Accumulation of synovial (articular) fluid in an increased amount. This means that your joints will get better lubricated and less wear.

Injection of methane

Now personal sensations by injection form.

My course consists of testosterone enanthate for the first eight weeks. So I decided to accelerate at first with methane. Concentration there is 100mg / ml. Naturally, as pills, injections should be put daily. After all, the half-life of methandrostenolone is the same in any form. I see no reason to use more than 50 milligrams per day. That is half a cube of solution per day.

To add the beginning already in the morning of the second day (this is very noticeable in my rounding of the cheeks). From the second day increased appetite. Given that enanthate ester is included in the work no earlier than in 6-7 days – the Indians boiled methane excellent. Pumping muscles with blood, performance and recovery at altitude.

By the end of the first week, the enanthate dough began to work and the water retention became (which is rather strange) much less. Even the veins climbed out. Well, about the full combination of testosterone and methane is nothing to say. As my favorite writer used to say – if God came up with something more powerful, he clearly left it to himself. The dream became truly deep and heroic (another quality inherent in methandrostenolone).

An erection is sudden and independent of what you are doing at the moment. For example, I constantly smoked a pipe when performing pull-ups and when looking at even the not-so-attractive female. Again, testosterone – testosterone, but the spontaneous risers are a lot of methane, and only methane.

And now the fun part. Ten days after the start of the reception I went and passed tests for the state of the liver. Without too much zaumi – they were only slightly different from my usual indicators. Conclusion – INJECTION METHANE DOES NOT PROVIDE DIRECT TOXIC EXPOSURE TO THE LIVER. In theory, it is understandable: 17-alpha alkylation is absent. Why is it needed in oily ether? That’s right, why not. But confirmation by practice always calms the soul. Naturally there is no negative on the stomach. Yes, and oil from Rajaevsky methane is very happy. The shots are painless.

Unfortunately, on the second day after the abolition of methane, all sensations had faded significantly. Volumes and weight also decreased. Simply put – methane, it is methane in Africa. Regardless of the form of application, he is not able to give real meat. Is it only in the first-second year, and then not everyone. Forgot to say about acne. I never had them from pills. From the injection also did not appear.

One more thing. In addition to the oily ester, methane is also found in the form of a water-based suspension. It works just like any other, but is toxic to the liver and is very unpleasant in terms of injections. Considering that it costs more than pills, I see no reason to overpay and suffer from burning nodes in the ass.

The conclusion still happy. Injecting methane on an oil basis definitely deserves your attention. Meat on it does not gain, but for the explosion of results in the first half of the course it is the most. Considering the relative safety for the liver, the absence of load on the stomach (plus, it seemed to me that it is more effective than tablets) and a reasonable price is an excellent addition to any mass transfer course.

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